When to have first kiss when dating

Let's go through what I hope will become the usual drill here.

A great way to allow for this is to hit up a happy hour together.Plan ahead so both of you can get some alone time at the end of the date, either in the car, a lonely park bench or at your place.[Read: 6 ways to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it] #2 Build the sexual tension.All of these topics will, Lord willing, be covered in future columns.It's simply impossible for me to address all of the fantastic individual questions and comments we've received, but know that we will do our very best to incorporate as many as possible into the columns themselves and the blog discussions that follow. Quite a few of you asked questions or made comments about my statement in Biblical Dating, an Introduction that "Biblical dating assumes NO physical intimacy" outside of marriage.If she’s going on a second date with you, that means that she had a good time on the first date.


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