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The tops were generally shaped to receive the base of another box of the same type for better stacking. Both lids show the early method of construction, with a separate piece spot welded to each end to form the opener pivot and the hinge.Post war models would be simple in design and more rugged than the wartime boxes. Newer M2A1’s still have a separate piece for the hinge but the lid has been extended and folded over to form the opener pivot. Initially ICI Ltd were to have operated this plant but they were advised in 1940 of the change in plans and the factory was run as a Royal Ordnance Factory by the Ministry of Supply.

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Italy’s Giulio Fiocchi Enterprise began manufacturing sporting ammo in 1877, and is now known for their world-class shotgun ammunition and NATO specification ammo for military use. In 1880, Tsar Alexander II approved its opening with a contract for the first seven years.Bare in mind: Production efficiency demands that you use up all your old boxes before your newer boxes.So in high-production calibers like 38 S&W Special (introduced in 1902), 9mm Luger, 30-06, and 45 Auto, changeover to new design boxes will occur soon after the new design is adopted.in this page has been taken from the Carpetbagger Aviation Museum website, a direct link for which is provided at left. The headstamp code B denoting the manufacturer should not be confused with B as in BVIIZ which indicates incendiary Ammunition. BCMK7, CRGBHMK1Z, DUMK5, IBMK6Z, IBMK7Z, TRGMK2, TRGMK3, TRGMK4. In addition to the .303 cartridges manufactured for Egypt this company also manufactured nitro-cellulose loaded 7.7 x 56R cartridges, which are interchangeable with the .303 round and are known to have been made in... The bullet in the illustrated round was 180 gr, PSP type, Photo provided by Sylvain Benoit. NZ pattern), 215 gr RNSP, 180 gr PSP, 180 gr HP, 174 gr PSP, 150 gr PSP, 130 gr PSP and 150 gr HP Sporting Ammunition, Mks 4 and 5 (Big Game Exploder) Sporting Ammunition, H. This factory set up as part of the 1939-1945 war emergency expansion plan. Armour Piercing, Ball, Incendiary- [Phosphorus filling] & Tracer Fabrique National d'Armes de Guerre, Herstal, Belgium produced nitro-cellulose loaded .303 cartridges in...It has been presented a little differently and incorporates additional information on .303 rounds that my company APEX Enterprises manufactured during the 1970s. Produced .303 cartridges during the period 1940 - 1944 in:- AP (W Mk 1), BCMK7. IP,and IP No 2 Mk 1 Dominion Arsenal, Quebec, Canada manufactured .303 cartridges in... Ball, FN 8/7 Blank Bulleted Blank Cartridge Rifle Grenade, H Mk 7Z, M11 and M12 Incendiary Tracer L83 Jacketed soft point sporting Ammunition Greenwood and Batley, Leeds, UK.It's lot number 56YA42 equates to production line 56, 24 January 2007.


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