Dating fender stratocaster neck

The other indicator on Fender copies is the Tokai logo on the headstock.

At some point in time the 'T' was changed from a backwards 'F' look to a normal looking 'T'.

Dating Telecaster Pot Potentiometer, Please Help Hi! Toppscore Well, if anyone knows how to date a Telecaster pot, PLMK. I also did not know you could date a guitar by them. Fender is/was very consistant as how the week/year dates were labeled/stamped on most vendor supplied items used within Fender guitars & amplifiers.

I can read one Pot/Potentiometer on my 1978 (I think) American Standard Telecaster: R1378131 = 13th Week of 1978??? The true answer will make me understand what I have and whether I list the Telecaster on EBay or not. The Pot/Potentiometer on my 1978 American Standard Telecaster: "R1378131". After 1980 you will see "yyww" = "year/week" for the last four digits.

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And instead of the Telecaster’s blond, natural-looking finish, the Strat was offered in a number of colors, including the iconic sunburst (golden-yellow in the middle fading to black on the outside).

For the most part, collectors are only interested in the Stratocasters manufactured before CBS bought the company in 1965.

These pre-CBS Strats are relatively easy to identify by looking at the serial number on the metal plate on the guitar’s back, where the neck is attached.

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