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True was founded in 2015 and is an online dating website for single members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

True already has over ninety thousand members and has helped 1000s of LDS singles foster personal relationships.

It is extremely easy to blame all of your dating problems on the opposite gender, but that leads to nothing but bitterness.

Instead, of saying “If only girls did this” or “If only guys did that,” each one of us can change dating!

I asked the two questions above in order to dispel the myth that singles don’t want to get married, and/or that they are intentionally postponing marriage.

It is especially difficult for those 30 singles not living in . Our focus is on what the church refers to as 'single adults (30 )'.

We know our Audience like no other, as we the team behind True are all LDS single adults.

Photo - thinks that LDS singles are not purposely delaying marriage, but that there is a perceived lack of suitable candidates, that are not only faithful Latter-day saints but that are also compatible on a personal level.

Fred continues to say that in many LDS wards and stakes there are little or no dating opportunities.


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