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In addition, models are also an important element for internationalization, as we will see in paragraph 12.6.However, despite their fundamental role, in Wicket models are not difficult to understand but the best way to learn how they work is to use them with forms.The AJAX code for showing the section description was all well and good, but is it really worth a trip back to the server to fetch that data every time someone changes the drop down choice?A better way would be to send the mappings to the client and have the client update the description itself, without any server intervention.That's why we haven't talked about models so far, and why this chapter discusses these two topics together.Model is essentially a facade interface which allows components to access and modify their data without knowing any detail about how they are managed or persisted.That's my guiding principle and eventually why I'll be leaving Software Engineering for my own bodywork practice.Its often useful to use an enum as the model for a dropdown (or radio group) in Wicket, but not immediately obvious how to handle the display of the values.

Are there any specifics to make it work on my theme?Such was the case with my latest endeavor to filter on drop-down based on the selection of another drop-down.Here is the situation: I have a database with car makes and models. I created this simple html file to test how it might work: That basically helped me organize the code I needed to change the drop-down, now I just need to plug in the Ajax and server side code to make it happen.Choice Field): def clean(self, value): return valueclass My Form(forms.Form): make = Model Choice Field(Auto Make.objects, widget=forms./** * Instantiates a new Drop Down Choice Text Field Panel.


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