Cbs rejects gay dating sites super bowl Freematuredating

" It's such a well-worn tactic, Advertising Age, the persuasion industry's magazine of record, this year declared a moratorium on coverage."It's an annual tradition that companies, who likely don't even have the money to spend on an actual Super Bowl spot, find willing suckers in the media who give them some free PR," Ad Age wrote."Plus, we knew our ad was going to be one of the more memorable ads that the media and public would talk about well after the big game." The rep still anticipates that CBS will accept the ad, but expressed distress that the process was taking such a long time."We do wonder how long it took for them to approve the Pro-Life ad," he said when asked about Tim Tebow's hotly debated spot, "[but] regardless of whether or not you agree with CBS' decision to accept the Pro-Life ad, we do applaud them for allowing freedom of expression and hope they treat our commercial the same." Still, unlike the Tebow spot, the ad is currently all over the Internet, and is likely to become more and more visible as the days go by.A Man spokesperson said the company had offered to pay for the .6 million ad slot up front.But the fact that Man, the hookup site that made one of the rejected gay ads, is now “calling on every same sex advocacy group to petition CBS and let them know this discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated” seems disingenuous.After watching the spot, I’m certain it’s not worth fighting for.

But for every one that does that, there's another that submits a blatantly over-the-top piece of creative for review with no real expectation of getting it accepted.

“Equipment” could equal “cock”, but maybe that’s a stretch.

TOO GAY FOR FRITO-LAYIn 2011, Doritos' annual "Crash the Super Bowl" contest got a little too gay for Frito-Lay.

OK folks, if you want to advocate for gay rights or marriage, perhaps -- but don't appear to enjoy same sex contact in an ad airing during a game where grown men will be knocking each other nearly senseless -- you still have an opening.

Bombshells, bawdy jokes and bans: The most risqué Super Bowl ads of all time feature all that and more. Diet Pepsi Several experts cited Diet Pepsi's 1992 Super Bowl ad featuring Cindy Crawford as a classic of the sex-sells approach.


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